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So... it seems like it's finally happening.
After so many setbacks, most of them because of my own damn self, after so many changes of plans and dates getting pushed back...
I'm finally going to graduate.
I thought I'd be super excited about this (and who knows, maybe when I pull myself out of my current funk I WILL be), but I think I'm still kind of just... expecting something to go wrong and for me to still not be done.

I'm so ready to be done with school. I've been going to school all my life and I'm tired of it, my anxious ADD ass can't handle much more. But! If nothing else happens, I'll be graduating by the end of the year! NO MORE GODDAMN SCHOOL.
All I have to do is make it through ONE MORE SEMESTER.

And then, if things still work out... then, sometime in the time period of late February to mid March, I will be FINALLY moving away from my parents, hopefully for good. I got sucked back into this emotionally abusive hellhole one too many times. I just wish I could take my little brother with me. He deserves better than what I got.

So yeah! I'll be moving across the country, from Washington to Georgia, where I'll be bunking with... pretty much the single irl friend I have, lol. And their family. I love their family so much. Their mom is basically Molly Weasley. AND IF POSSIBLE I'd like to maybe make as many stops along the way as I can to see my interwebs friends? If it can be arranged, lol.

But I still have to do a lot of planning and figuring stuff out, and this is... gonna end up being a major hit to my wallet. Because either I'm gonna have to rent a Uhaul and pay for gas to get it across the country, or (the option I'm leaning for) I'm just gonna have to leave most of my furniture behind and buy all new furniture to replace everything that can't fit in my Infinity. Which, honestly, will probably only be a few things; I don't need much furniture. Just a mattress, a couch, a desk, maybe some sort of cabinet thing, and some sort of stand to put my TV on. But even though that's not a whole lot, it's still gonna eat up a decent chunk of my savings, which I'll need for when Will and I get our own apartment down there. Or, hell, maybe even a legit house!

Which means... I'm probably gonna have to ask for some help. Probably gonna open commissions again soonish, more details on that later.

LONG RAMBLY JOURNAL SHORT: I'M FINALLY MOVING CLOSER TOWARDS MAYBE GETTING TO A BETTER PLACE? And I'm finally, fiiiiiiiiiiinally almost graduated. It's been so long.
I'm so ready.
And then I'll be (hopefully) an editor and will edit the shit out of stuff y'all will probably never read. OR MAYBE AN AUTHOR if I can get my motivation in a row. Which I'm hoping Will can help with because they have a writer's group down there.



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